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Civil Partnerships, open for all

Civil Partnerships, open for all

Civil Partnerships originated in 2004 with the first Civil Partnership being formed in December 2005. Civil Partnerships were introduced for same sex couples which would enable them to have similar rights to those who were married, giving them financial protection if their relationship broke down and allowing the acquisition of Parental Responsibility for a child of the relationship.

In 2014 the law changed to allow same sex marriages, this also meant that same sex couples who had entered into a Civil Partnership could also apply to convert their Civil Partnership into a marriage.

Why the change?

In 2016 an opposite sex couple applied to have their relationship recognised as a Civil Partnership. This was refused but it went through to the Supreme Court who ruled that it was discriminatory and that there should be a change in the law.

The Government has now amended the law to allow opposite sex couples to enter into a Civil Partnership and this came into force in 1st January 2020.  This should also enable same sex couples who are married to convert their marriage into a Civil Partnership.

If you are married or in a Civil Partnership then the process for formally bringing either to an end is very similar, although there are some exceptions, such as you can’t reply upon adultery to end a Civil Partnership.

Next Steps

If you are experiencing difficulties within your relationship, whether you are married or in a Civil Partnership, then Alsters Kelley Solicitors offer a free 30 minutes appointment during which we can provide practical advice to assist.

We have offices covering Leamington, Coventry, Nuneaton and Southam so do not hesitate to contact us on 01926 356016 or email to make your appointment today.

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